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📣 Exciting News for Our Community:

Dear Community Members,

After 6 months of hard work, We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey as we unveil our new brand identity:.

Advertium is now Bitago!

We’re thrilled to announce our refreshed brand identity. The updates show the evolution of our company since its founding. While this is a significant change, our core beliefs haven’t changed.

Over the last few months, we have poured our hearts and souls into creating a new image that would accurately depict who we are, at our core as a team. — BITAGO!

In the spirit of rebranding, we will continue to commit to our community and provide the same, or better, level of professionalism you have experienced and we’d like to take this opportunity to also thank our loyal community and business partners for your trust and friendship.

As you notice changes in our branding, we would certainly love to connect with you. Feel free to reach out with any thoughts, requests, or compliments. If you enjoy social media, please connect with us. As always, please do not hesitate to call us anytime.

This rebranding represents a significant step forward for our organization and reflects our evolving vision, strategic partnerships, and commitment to innovation.

We are finally proud to share this huge news that Bitago has been incubated by GotBit — The world’s leading investment fund, blockchain startup advisor and market maker, a renowned leader in the technology space. Their extensive experience and guidance have played a pivotal role in shaping our growth and shaping our path to success.

Additionally, we are delighted to announce our latest investors from esteemed institutions such as IBC Group, Encryptus Dubai, VEMP DAO and SPARK LABS. Their belief in our project is a testament to the potential of Bitago and further strengthens our position as a disruptive force within the industry.

Our team has worked very hard last 8 months to build strong partnerships with the World’s biggest brands such as: Amazon, AliExpress,, Nike, Puma, Booking, Samsung, Foot Locker, H&M and over 500 brands joined Bitago.

Bitago app will be available worldwide and our users can enjoy a lot of crypto rewards, in-app perks, Bonuses, Staking rewards and more.

What is new in Bitago?

1. Shop to Earn: Users can browse through a wide range of shops and merchants within the app and earn $XBIT and cashback by making purchases from them. The app features an intuitive search and filtering system, allowing users to find the products and services they need quickly and easily.

2. Watch to Earn: Have you ever imagined earning crypto for watching short advertising videos? Users can also earn $XBIT by watching videos and completing other simple tasks within the app. This feature is designed to provide users with more options to earn rewards and stay engaged with the platform.

3. Explore to Earn: Our “Explore to Earn” blockchain-based feature rewards users with $XBIT for visiting and exploring new places, such as restaurants, fashion stores, and other businesses, as well as for learning about new products. This feature enables users to search for businesses or products based on their location or interests.

4. Bitago Debit Card: Use your $XBIT in everyday life with Bitago Debit Card. Get Ready to use $XBIT in millions of locations around the world. Shop online & offline or simply withdraw cash from any compatible ATM.

5. Stakeing: Bitago’s Staking feature is a new way for users to earn passive income by holding their XBIT tokens within the Bitago app. The feature is integrated within the Bitago digital wallet and is designed to provide users with a simple and secure way to earn rewards on their digital assets.


We have officially entered into our last phase which is Launching the project and listing the token on the exchanges.

We will start announcing the partnerships and cooperations starting from 15.05.2023 and to keep our community fully informed about our progress and developments, we invite you to follow our official Twitter channel. All the latest news, updates, and exciting announcements will be shared exclusively on our official Twitter handle, ensuring that you have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information. @bitagoxbit Twitter is the official news channgel and all the upcoming news regarding the Token listing, Exchange partnerships, Corporate Partnerships will be announced only on our Official Twitter Channel so make sure you follow:


We are truly grateful for your unwavering support throughout our journey. Your trust and enthusiasm have been invaluable to our growth and achievements thus far. With this rebranding, we are more determined than ever to create a better future for digital advertising and empower businesses worldwide.

Stay tuned for exciting updates, as Bitago embarks on a new chapter of innovation, partnerships, and groundbreaking achievements. Together, we will reshape the advertising landscape and unlock new opportunities for success.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Bitago community!


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Best regards,

Petar Hristov
CEO, Bitago.



Bitago $XBIT

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